Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Big Bad Blogger back on the scene!!!


I'mmm back!

Established 2013... yes
Forgotten about two weeks later...yes
Re-Established 2017...yes
Not making any promises...

SO life and times of Boots and Beads Revival from start-up...

Established - 2013
One post written in regards to Hi I'm new - here's my life in a nutshell and I'm pretty much awesome so follow me follow me and if you forget follow me.

Second Post - 2013
Please take my survey because although you should be interested in reading what I have to say, I'm an expert on everything so take my survey and give me your opinion because I'm a big people Pleaser.

Third Post - 2013
Now I am whining that people are not taking my survey..if you do it, I'll do something I will regret posting on the internet

Fourth Post - 2013
TWO PEOPLE did my survey and one responded with this:


If it was you I hate you; BECAUSE I felt validated in producing my youtube video sensation.

WANNA BE A BLOGGER (Yeah I know you're thinking...Where's the post at 'yo... IT's GONE Thank the heavens) a literal rendition of Wanna Be a baller but with adjectives, verbs and pronouns commenting on that Blog life for rizzzzzzle! I had a LOT of fun and a LOT of wine while making it and thought as I posted it "this is AWESOME"!

No posts - 2014
Some 2 years later it was not awesome as it was brought up in a Job interview for a department management position, needless to say they deemed I was not management material but, dealer service agent had my name written all over it! *Spoiler Alert - I eventually quit after being promoted to department manager after having my little girl and moving out of the Dallas area to be closer to family.

No posts - 2015
I'm momming it up with awesome birthdays and educational weekend outings and crazy hair, no make-up and leggings for DAYSSSSSSS.
I'm also going to school some and working part-time for Dad's Real Estate Biz.

No Posts - 2016
Still momming it up, but not so much my kid doesn't get cancer! (bad joke...I know)
Graduate college with my bachelors FINALLY
Bought a company...to do some contracting work out of and hold our newly acquired rental property.

SO, I stick a PROUD MOM sticker on my SUV and we get through it. We are still on the cancer kid journey and it's not one for the weak at heart I tell you but, my daughter is in remission and I am so truly PROUD of her all jokes aside, I really am - she is the best parts of my husband and I and we could not be more happy and proud to have her as our daughter! Fighter does not even begin to describe the journey these kids go through. There will be more on this subject as it is so close to my heart...I can never get ENOUGH awareness...I can never get enough of these sweet babies fighting these horrible diagnosis' - I will not stop till there are cures for everything and I probably still won't!!!

This post - 2017
Judge it as you will..
Started Boots and Beads Revival Littles - a online/Storefront for kids clothing

Honestly these past five years the logo and cover photo have been on my mind...Like I love the logo/cover photo! So I will be using it for kid's clothes too!

I am just in love with it. Still after all of these years.
Subject Matter -

LIFE - no recipes, no crafts, no BS just God, Family and Career. You want a recipe - there's a million Blogs on cooking biscuits, potluck casseroles and slow-cooker pork; craft - there's hundreds of popsicle stick gluing, glitter sprinkling, modge-podge painting, yours has to be prefect like mine blogs out there. This will not be any of that.

This blog will be - How to run a business, Books to read, How to keep your sanity, Funny jokes, Sharing funny videos, TRUTH BOMBS, and most importantly GOD's WORD. I will use my voice to spread positive, Godly advice rather than...lack of a better term...junk. Everyone likes a good recipe but, everyone needs God!

So join me on this journey and follow me if you're ready!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I really do want to be a blogger! :)

Ok! Here it is! The production I've been promising. It's a bit cool and A LOT funny! The reminder and life lesson in making this production is that NEVER and I mean NEVER take life too seriously!

For real!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wanna be a BLOGGER.....

Someone Pleasssse take my survey!!!!! PLEASE! 

I'm waiting!!!! 

Tick Tock!!!!

Ok, so maybe the survey might be a bad second post! So... to move time along...tomorrow I am busy in the morning but, in the afternoon I am going to put together a media file of sorts for my reader-less blog. It will be some type of performance and available via my blog. Could be the next flash-mob - could be the next animation innovation of the century. 

I wish I could promise greatness but, that might be over-doing it as I am actually dedicated to a lot more than the blog! 

TEASER* - What is the English translation to ENVIAR? 

I have so many great ideas and thoughts for this I will actually need the next week to think this through and production will roll out by Valentine's Day! 

God Bless! 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Please take my survey for the next blog and don't be afraid to tell me what your really thinking!!!!
Ba haahahahahaha!

Subject Matter Survey!

Testing...1,2,3 Testing....

My first blog post of course!

First day up and running! Already checked the hits - 20!! Are they all me checking format and page details? Probably so. :)

If only my stat's looked like these!!! Ha! Maybe someday.

I am a student; a self-proclaimed Billy Madison! Finally a senior at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Grew up here the majority of my childhood. I am a Business Computer Information Systems major and enjoy all the people I interact with at the college and in my program specifically.



I am a new wife to a wonderful
man who is often out of town
working for the railroad;
'yes like the song' and no
not like in the picture!
Hehe... although he'd look
adorable; I'm sure it
wouldn't last long!
Blogging - Is an art.
I have always secretly (not a purposeful secret) wanted to blog! I was introduced from the Sex In The City love to die for - 'Carrie'. And for more effect pronounce Carrie like Mr.Big does...Carrrrrie! I have always been a talkative being, maintaining my large presence (literally). lol I live true to many sayings probably, but I aspire to be defined by one; "Do what you say and say what you do." Never be afraid of either.


My subject matter - well that has some significance to my success as a blogger; does it not? I of course have a lot to say although boring you with my 'Much ado about nothing..' serves no purpose. In the interest of saving time for both myself and the readers - I will leave subject matter up to you. This may not work but, I intend to survey the public (my facebook friends of friends of friends and anyone who might stumble upon this site.) on what their preferences are and we shall go from there. I hope to engage my reader with surveys, possible scavenger hunts of sorts, and enhance your 6th sense to the nines! Good luck, God Bless and Please don't be a stranger.